Granite & Engineered stone & Quartz Surface


Stone is a product of nature. Each piece is unique in character, veining and consistency. A sample of stone is only one part of a larger slab or block varying in color and clarity. The sample does not represent the exact stone you will receive. There are no two pieces of stone that are alike therefore each piece of stone is totally unique and one of a kind.

Granite is a porous material. Every piece that is fabricated is impregnated with a penetrating sealer. The impregnator penetrates into the pores of the stone allowing, “more time to clean spills”. There is no guarantee that this process will prevent staining or etching on the stone surface. It is recommended resealing stone countertops annually. Certain foods with citric, lactic, and vegetable acids such as oranges, milk and tomatoes can strip the polish or etch the stone surface. Granite is only warranted for one year and only covers craftsmanship being that it is a natural product and we have no control over the nature of the stone.

Engineered stone

Engineered stone is a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by an adhesive. The two common stones used in producing these products are marbles and quartz, the application of this product depends on the original stone used, for engineered marbles the most common application is indoor flooring and walls, while the quartz based product is used primarily for kitchen countertops. Related materials include geopolymers and cast stone. Unlike terrazzo, the material is factory made in either blocks or slabs, cut and polished by fabricators, and assembled at the worksite.

Engineered stone products are gaining in popularity. many shopping malls and department stores around the world uses engineered marble for floors. While research reported in Consumer Reports (2010) magazine reveals virtually no difference in performance between quartz based products and sealed granite.
Engineered stone kitchen countertops with undermount sink and cooktop installed. Tops are cut and polished at the fabricator’s shop.

Engineered stone (US name) is also commonly referred to as, agglomerate or agglomerated stone, the last term being that recognised by European Standards (EN 14618), although to add to the terminological confusion, this standard also includes materials manufactured with a cementitious binder. The Quartz version are commonly known as ‘quartz surface’ or just ‘quartz’

Quartz Surface


DuPont Zodiaq® quartz surfaces are a new brand and category of surfacing products from DuPont. They merge the beauty of natural quartz with DuPont technology to create a new and exciting aesthetic for horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Superior materials

Because Zodiaq® is made of quartz, it combines the unusual light play and depth of quartz crystals with exceptional clarity in a broad range of radiant colors. Quartz is one of the hardest naturally occurring materials, with a rating of 7 out of 10 on the Mohs’ scale of hardness; as a comparison, diamonds rate 10 on this scale.

Easy to maintain

The smooth, nonporous surface of Zodiaq® resists even the toughest stains and will retain its luster for many years without the need for sealants or waxes.

Perfect color

Zodiaq® comes in beautiful, uniform colors that go beyond the palette of unimproved stone.